Set Up Boxes

SQ15-0045 Jewelry Swing Boxes
SQ15-0037 EPHEMERA Square Chocolate Boxes
SQ15-0033 BIJOUX 2-Tone Rigid Boxes
SQ17-014 Round Wreath Box
SQ14-0063 Opulence Candle Box
SQ15-0087A Texture Apple Box
SQ14-0066 - Prism 2 Tier Box
SQ15-0075A Octagon Gift Set Box
SQ16-0028 - 2 Tier Round Fragrance Box
SQ16-0064 3 Tier Pillar Tower

Setup boxes are made of rigid paperboard materials, with thickness between 800 and 2000 GSM. Stribbons set up boxes are handmade – wrapped with specialty paper, fabric or your custom printed artwork. Various techniques can be added to embellish set up boxes, including and not limited to foiling, spot uv, paper and ribbon embellishments, handles and closure options.  These techniques and embellishments add value and interest to your custom packaging.   Set up boxes ship constructed and wrapped in tissue to be protected from damage during shipment.  Please click here to learn more about Stribbons Logistics Services and Quality Control Departments.