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Ribbons & Cords

Stribbons has produced woven and braided varieties of ribbons and cords for more than 25 years. Choose from our extensive range of stock, color fast ribbons & cords, or let us match your color using state of the art spectrophotometry and color formulation software. Whether your project calls for sheer, satin (in either single or double face), grosgrain ribbon, twisted or braided cord, or elastic, we can supply it is a rainbow of colors. Please reference our sizing chart for our most popular ribbon widths and elastic & cord diameters. All of our ribbons can be printed using a variety of techniques: from hot-stampped to screenprint, to dye sublimation printing and UV printing. Speak with your sales representative or contact our customer service department to learn more.

Satin Ribbon

Stribbons luxurious satin ribbons bestow a silky finish to your special product or package. Available on spools or hanked, these ribbons can also be furnished in labor saving pre-cut strips. Available in a variety of materials, including polyester, nylon, cotton, & rayon. Stribbons satins are available in single or double face weave.

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Sheer Ribbon

Sheer, or organza ribbon lends a light and airy touch to your designs. Its semi-opaque patterns give a slightly understated look which will not overwhelm the application. When a sheer ribbon is used in conjunction with a floral fob, charm, or any dimensional embellishment, it blends beautifully without competing.

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Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon has long been preferred when a sophisticated, classic look is desired. Grosgrain is available in all the colors of the rainbow, like our sheer and satin ribbon. It is often saddle stitched or printed with polka dots for a contrasting effect.

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Elastic products are available spooled, hanked, or festooned in a rainbow of colors and sizes, both metallic and plain textile covered. Although most often supplied as a round, braided product, Stribbons also manufactures both flat and round elastics that are knitted to create more sophisticated textures and color combinations. Contact your sales representative or our customer service department to specify a custom or stock elastic for your application.

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Frequently incorporated as tote handles or drawstrings for decorative pouches and bags, twisted cords are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. From luxurious rayon covered to earthy cotton and jute cords, a variety of materials can be incorporated to conform to your packaging vision. Tone on tone contrasting color combinations enhance your products’ prominence.

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