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Your product doesn’t have to settle for simple packaging! Contrary to popular belief, adding slight embellishments to your product adds tremendous perceived value to the consumer. At Stribbons, not only do we have the ability to have a pre-tied ribbon bows or cut strips of ribbon applied to your package during the manufacturing process, but we can add die cut printed hang tags, metal & plastic charms, 3-dimensional pop-outs to your design. Not only are these “add-ons” a nominal cost, they are labor saving steps that save you money during your pack-out. In addition to the add-ons, we can incorporate various printing techniques and/or specialty papers that give a different look than traditional flat paper…all with your products success in mind!

Ribbon Bows

Stribbons’ designers use fashion forward colors and materials seen in runway trends or splashed across the pages of fashion magazines to provide customers with a choice of unique finishing embellishments. Our skilled workers can construct a wide variety of unique bow styles. Any design can incorporate your choice of labor-efficient attachments. Pre-tied bows save your production or fulfillment team labor and expedite deliveries! Reduce your packaging costs while enhancing packout rates, product security, and uniformity! Available in a wide array of styles to compliment your packaging, whether a box, a jar, a bottle, or tin, the D-bow is a pre-tied bow on an elasticized loop. To view examples of these products, click here


Stretch Loops

An elastic stretch loop is an attractive, economical and functional packaging embellishment which provides a decorative flourish to differentiate your product from its competitors. Available from stock in a range of fashionable colors, textures, and sizes, stretch loops are easily applied during your fulfillment operations. Custom sizes and colors are also available to perfectly complement your packaging design.

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A staple in the cosmetic industry, the tassel lends a touch of elegance to any packaged product. Utilizing a diverse mixture of yarns, ribbon, chainette, twisted rayon or knitted trimmings to capture the customer’s glance, our designers will work with you to customize the color, textures, and size so as not to overwhelm but rather intrigue. Whether shiny or sleek or soft and gauzy, a tassel is the perfect finishing touch from your showcase products.

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Hang Tags

Hangtags expand your products valuable real estate and allow for additional information to be part of your packaging. Don’t settle for boring squares, rather allow us to use our unique techniques for adding some pizazz without compromising your product. From custom shapes to intriguing 3-dimensional pop-outs to various printing techniques that will capture the consumers eye at retail, Stribbons pre-attaches your hangtag to a ribbon bow or elastic loop for cost saving and time saving application.



Adding a charm, whether metal, paper, plastic, or any other material gives your package an added flair. Often used to brand your company or product, or add some pizazz to your packaging, charms can be used as an after product which helps carry your brand past your products life. Examples would be jewelry pendants, charms, lapel pins, etc.



Specialty papers

Stribbons has access to a wide variety of suppliers all offering many specialty papers that can be used as a wrap on your packaging. From linens, to natural fiber, to extruded films and on, we work with you to find the perfect match.



Printing Techniques

Our extensive library of specialty papers didn’t quite cut it for you? The technology of today, coupled with our in house graphics department with their eye on the pulse of current trends can add certain effects to give an ordinary paper some new life. From spot UV coating to make certain areas “pop” to over prints, embossing and/or debossing, foils, and more. Our design team has extensive experience in applying various effects to our printing process to make your product that much more unique.